Like the Tefal heads of the 80’s electrical adverts, I have a large forehead, although it is debatable whether this signifies extraordinary intelligence like the Tefal R&D chaps. I am however a science geek, and this blog is my escape from the rigid medical writing I do in my day job, and my attempts at something a bit more creative.  My thoughts here do not represent those of my employer, yada yada yada… I loved my PhD and post-doc in cancer research in the UK and US, but two years of gel shift assays finally sent me over the edge; however, I landed on the bouncy trampoline of science writing, and here I am finding my way in the world of Scicomm, bouncing up and down but getting better at the moves.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Tefalhead,
    Thanks for following our blog. I think that using your blog as a creative outlet is a great idea, cos all that technical writing must be hard work! I didn’t even realise there were medical writers in NZ, but I guess 1) I’ve never lived in Auckland where I imagine most of the pharmaceutical companies etc are based, and 2) my degrees are in Humanities and Social Sciences, so its not like there would have been medical headhunters lurking around the corners of the Psychology department!

  2. It has its down sides, but yes, overall it is a beautiful place, and we are already finding that we miss it a little more than we anticipated. I will head over and check out your ‘primary’ blog now 🙂

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